Bodegas Antonio Alcaraz started up in Laguardia, in the Alavese Rioja region, and it is now present in 25 countries throughout the world. The winery, with a totally committed corporate vocation, is diversifying its business activities as it has always done: with the best product, with the best quality. Its philosophy of action has taken it to Canena (Jaén), in the Loma de Úbeda region, where the largest production of olive oil per hectare in the world is located. There, in the heart of the paradise of the Mediterranean diet, we have acquired the olive groves necessary to cover this exciting corporate venture with a gastronomic background and essence.


Fresh Harvested Green Olive for oil production pattern texture.


The very essence of this land makes the Picual variety of olive special. This noble olive which makes the oil stable and full of flavour. This olive whose growers, with loving care and know-how, always advised by the most qualified professionals, but not forgetting the traditional treatment of the tree and its fruit, always manage to extract the best olive oil.



The oil-making process, once the stage of cultivation and care of the tree and its fruit is over, begins with the harvest of the olives. This must be done in the cold months of November and December… when the olives are at their optimum point of ripeness.
Careful transport, painstaking selection of the olives and their subsequent washing gives way to milling: a mechanical process of crushing and pressing the olive to bring out the oil.
The paste is then beaten to separate the oil from the water and the pomace, it is spun and finally stored at the right temperature (between 15 and 18 degrees) before the bottling process.



Olive oil, the cornerstone of the so-called Mediterranean diet, has many properties which are beneficial to health:

  • Antioxidant: Olive oil contains polyphenols which prevent cellular oxidation
  • It reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture
  • It prevents the appearance of certain tumoral processes
  • It reduces cholesterol levels thanks to oleic acids
  • It reduces cholesterol levels thanks to oleic acids
  • It has cosmetic and dermatological properties which moisturise the skin and delay its ageing
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