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Vinegar, from birth and humble cradle, asks for a step in the world of gastronomy. Because he has earned it. Because it spreads like no other, because it dress like him only, because it complements the flavors and enriches the stews. Its importance has been recognized late, but there is no turning back.

Al pedro ximenez

Sherry vinegar

Sherry vinegar PX, is made from the Pedro Ximenez sweet grape variety and is aged following the traditional “Soleras y Criaderas” system. The PX grape that is exposed to the sun for its pasification, sweetens the bouquet of this precious Sherry Vinegar. It is extraordinarily aromatic and soft.

It is perfect to rekindle the flavor of any dish, including desserts, and especially game meat, duck and veal.


    Gran reserva

    Sherry vinegar

    The secret to getting this Jerez Gran Reserva vinegar is not only in the most demanding grape selection, but also in the elaboration and in the patient aging process to which the broths are subjected.

    The brilliant result that is achieved with this Sherry Vinegar Gran Reserva, enhances the aromas of noble woods, various spices, especially cloves, and a delicate unmistakable nut flavor.

      Lodi gran reserva

      Sherry vinegar

      Obtaining a Vinegar with Sherry Wine under a brand like LODI, requires a thorough selection of the grapes and an uncompromising rigor in the final aging processes, which have undoubtedly been carried out.

      In the flavor of VINAGRE GRAN RESERVA LODI, the memories of wood and nuances of nuts are unquestionable, without forgetting an unmistakable presence of flavoring spices.



        Sherry vinegar

        With care, with dedication, selecting each cluster, with the necessary patience and waiting for aging in American oak boots. Just so. To get this Jerez Reserva vinegar, there is no other way. There are no shortcuts. That laborious and conscientious work aims to achieve its fruits.

        An exceptional vinegar. That falls in love with its flavor and seduces with its aroma. The most suitable dressing for vinaigrettes, sauces, gazpachos and dressings. Even certain fruits.


          Passion for the flavors

          Sherry Vinegar is the great perfume of universal cuisine and an irreplaceable culinary seasoning. Its rich nuances make it the essence of numerous dishes, both in haute cuisine and in the simple elaborations of each day.


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