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Extra virgin olive oils by Antonio Alcaraz,
Canena (Jaén) Spain

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Olive oil

Olive oil, the cornerstone of the so-called Mediterranean diet, has a good number of beneficial health properties.

Sherry vinegar

The authenticity of these vinegars obtained exclusively from 100% Sherry and Palomino Fino wines and subjected to the traditional Criaderas and Solera process.

Our olive oils

Our oils are considered within the select group “best olive oils in the world”.

This is due to the fact that we sacrifice a part of the yield of our production and a careful selection of olives of the Picual variety, grown in centenary olive trees of Canena, harvested at the beginning of October, being the green olive, with this we get some aromas and Authentic and unique flavors, resulting in an excellent extra virgin olive oil from Antonio Alcaraz wineries.

Our vinegars

Conscious of having a high quality product, unique and as deserving as wines, of efficient protection, the Denomination of Origin “Vinagre de Jerez” was created in 1994, guarantor and supporter of the authenticity of these vinegars obtained exclusively from 100% Sherry wines, Palomino Fino and subjected to the traditional process of Criaderas and Solera.

olive oil Antonio Alcaraz

The very essence of this land makes the Picual olive variety special. Noble olive that makes the oil stable and tasty. That olive that with the care and know-how of its farmers, always advised by the most qualified professionals but without forgetting the traditional treatment of the tree, manage to extract the best of its precious fruit.


Intense aroma of herb and tomato. The olive is harvested while still green. Fruity and balanced flavor.


In Canena the olive is harvested while it is still green, when oil production is scarce but very tasty.

lodi AUTOR

With the olives full of flavor, still unripe and tender green,  Canena olive growers pick the fruit from the tree.

Otoño Ecológico

Picual organic olives, pre-veraison still on the tree and the shortest possible time between harvesting and grinding.

faro del albir

Picual variety, harvested early while still on the tree and with the shortest possible time between harvesting and milling.


Extra virgin olive oil from Canena of the Picual variety, It is obtained by mechanical processes, to achieve its balanced flavor.

Gran Olivar de canena

Extra virgin olive oil obtained by mechanical processes. Bottled in PET of 5 Liters. Special for haute cuisine.


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